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HOBA Farm is an extension of HOBA House, but with access to our private land with river and lake access. This land will be used for farming vegetables and mushrooms, our animal rescue, camping, using our boats and various other equipment, small retreats with a myriad of purposes, music and art events, and spiritual journeying.


All of our land is also part of our church. We know there are some pretty negative connotations associated with churches, but this one is non-denominational. We believe that there are many pathways to living a spiritually enriching life, all of which have the essence of love. We will offer space for you to pray in your own way in solitude, as well as guided group activities. 

Our mission is to build a place that provides people with the opportunity to experience the most natural forms of therapy that the Earth offers us. We want you to be able to learn from our teachers, and teach others whatever you can as well. No one is better than another person; we are just on

different paths with different experiences and various forms of knowledge.

The Gallery

HOBA House provides a space for visual artists to exhibit their work. The gallery will focus on hosting a variety of work from different backgrounds and age ranges. We will have shows by outsider artists, children, minorities, international artists, and artists in our local community. It is our goal to provide an unpretentious space where artists of any background can feel comfortable showing their work and patrons of any means can enjoy that work.

The Stage

The HOBA House stage is home to a variety of performances. There will be room on our stage for music, poetry, dance, comedy and performance art of all kinds. Furthermore, we are committed to hosting a weekly open mic night to support new and upcoming artists of any genre! We will cultivate an atmosphere of openness and inclusivity so that anyone can feel welcome to share their unique voice.

Our Mission

The Classroom

HOBA House features a community classroom space that will host learning opportunities on a variety of subjects. For example, HOBA co-founder Lauren Bader is excited to teach art classes to a variety of age ranges in subjects such as printmaking, 3D design, mold making, and graphic arts. However, the classroom will be open for artists of all types to organize art classes that match their skill sets. HOBA will provide the space and equipment needed to facilitate these classes.

The Studios

HOBA House includes fully furnished live-in artist studios available for rent. Revenues from the studios will help to offset running costs of the gallery, allowing us to focus more of our funds on reaching out to the local community. We believe that allowing artists to live and work together will foster a strong sense of community and personal responsibility in the gallery and outreach programs.

We Need Your Support Today!

HOBA Gallery is currently working on raising funds to accomplish all of these goals. We have purchased a space and have a limited budget for renovation. However, more funds will be needed to purchase equipment and finish the renovation process. That is why we are reaching out to the community to help us make this space a reality. By donating now you will be investing in an artistic community that will provide you and people you care about a place to be creative. Anyone who is looking for a place to work, play, learn or teach will be able to find a place here at HOBA. We appreciate any help you can give, whether that means a monetary donation, equipment donation, volunteering your time, or just shouting us out on social media, anything and everything helps! 

Thank you!

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