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HOBA House Interviews King Poe of Indy Cut

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

King Poe of Indy Cut releases his new album, Poe-Uhh-Tree. The Ghetto Jesus is obviously having a great time creating this album. He starts the album out with rapid fire flows for his intro! In our interview, he talks about how he used to listen through cheap ipod speakers and practice rapping fast as a kid, and you can tell he put time into his craft. Coming from the middle of Lexington with no TV and not much else to do, it felt natural for him to get into rapping to express himself. He's quite confident, as apparent when he says in the interview "I wouldn't cringe too bad if you played some of my older songs".

On this album, his signature raspy voice combined with his own personal style really comes through. He doesn't just rhyme. He makes you see what kind of person he is in the music.

Talking to him, you can tell he's a real, genuine guy. "You'll never see me promoting negativity", he proudly says. He brings a member of Indy Cut, Forrest Gumpshun,

on a few songs, adding his somewhat offensive personal flare as well that I always enjoy. King Poe effortlessly mixes southern rock-style singing vibes with

rapping, which makes great melodic rap songs.

One of my favorite quotes from the project is "performing black magic in a white coat". My favorite track is "Amazing". It's a nice, feel good track about living in the moment and embracing posivitity. Check out the interview below and check out the album!

Note: The interview was originally in video format and there was a problem, so we did not get the video format and we lost a tiny bit of the interview, which is why it sounds sort of jumpy in the beginning.

Check out the album here:

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