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The people behind HOBA

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

HOBA House is still in its planning phases, but we thought you may like to know something about the people working to make HOBA a reality.

Lauren Bader and Arsini are the gallery's co-founders. They met at Western Kentucky University while both pursuing degrees in graphic design. After graduation, about four years ago, they moved to Louisville KY to further their artistic careers.

Lauren graduated with honors from WKU with a B.A. in sculpture and a B.F.A. in graphic design. After college she worked in a local screen printing shop for a year before starting her own successful graphic design business. Right now Lauren is working on her Masters in Art and Design at University of Louisville. She is primarily a sculptor and screen printer.

Send Nudes. Screen Printed Hand Bound Book. 2018

In her current body of work, she explores social anxiety and human connection through interactive artworks. Her work is heavily influenced by internet culture and she often finds participants through social media and internet dating platforms.

The best place to find out more about Lauren is her Instagram page: You can see her thesis exhibition in person at the UofL MFA building on view April 9th - 19th 2019. The reception will be held on April 12th. She is set to graduate with her M.F.A. in May 2019.

Arsini graduated from WKU with a B.A. in graphic design. He currently works in marketing, but his true passion is for music. He is a rapper/singer/performance artist that has a silly cringy reason for his name. Arson+eye! Burning your perception. May seem sinful to some, but you must analyze for yourself. (He made it at 17. What do you expect?)

Arsini on stage at OPEN Community Arts Center. January 1018.

His music covers a wide variety of topics including feelings of being ostracized by society, relationships with friends and family, and commentary on things going on in the world or within people's lives that he wants to understand more about. He focuses heavy on lyricism that provokes thought, and takes a stylistic approach to song writing where the aim is to focus on the feel of what he is saying and how he's saying it.

Arsini is currently working on a new album "Part 2" that already has one single released (Directed by Lauren). You can find this and all his other music at

HOBA is currently looking for others to help us bring this space into reality. If you have any interest in volunteering with HOBA, renting a studio, doing an internship, or just donating to our cause please feel free to contact us. We want this space to be as collaborative as possible and we whole heartily welcome any help or input we can get!

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